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What are we looking for and how to apply!

Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2006 1:01 am
by Lethe
Praetorian Guards
- Alliance -

- Connected Emerald Dream / Terenas European Server -

We are the Praetorian Guards, dedicated to providing our members a fun, productive and friendly raiding environment since 2005.

We welcome applications from both our own server (EU-Emerald Dream/Terenas) as well as cross-realm.

Recruitment Status

Currently we're looking for the following. In case recruitment for a certain class/spec isn't open at the moment though you are still very welcome to apply if you feel you would be an exceptional addition and/or speak to any Officer online who will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Tanks: Limited
Melee DPS: Open

Demon Hunters
Tanks: Limited
Melee DPS: Open

Tanks: Limited
Healers: OPEN
Melee DPS: Open
Ranged DPS: OPEN

Melee DPS: Open
Ranged DPS: OPEN

Ranged DPS: OPEN

Tanks: Limited
Healers: OPEN
Melee DPS: Open

Tanks: Limited
Healers: OPEN
Melee DPS: Open

Healers: OPEN
Ranged DPS: OPEN

Melee DPS: Open

Healers: OPEN
Melee DPS: Open
Ranged DPS: OPEN

Ranged DPS: OPEN

Tanks: Limited
Melee DPS: Open

OPEN - we are actively seeking further additions in this class/spec
Open - we are actively seeking further additions in this class/spec but spots are limited
Limited - we are happy to look at exceptional applications but we are well set in this class/spec already

Applications and Application Form

Once you have register on the forum with your ingame character name use the below template form for your application:

>>> Application Form Template Link <<<

For further information on the Praetorian Guards, our raiding and expectation please keep reading on.


We usually raid on 3 nights a week - Wednesdays, Thursdays, Tuesday - from 8.30 pm / 20.30 hours until 11.00 pm / 23.00 server time.

To avoid confusion: If you want to raid every single night of the week, we're not the guild for you. If you are looking to raid once in a while every blue-moon, we're not the guild for you either.

Our raiders are expected to be able to attend at least 2/3 of our weekly raid time.

We are using a raid calendar/planner to sign up for the raids, with raid objectives and tasks prepared and made available in advance to the start of the raid.

Expectations in our Raiders

- You you are 18 years of age or older.
  • Exceptional, mature candidates that are younger may still be considered, but only on a case-by-case basis.

- Your character must be maximum level.

- You know how to play your particular class and are able to fulfil your class-role in raids.

- You must be dedicated to play the spec you apply with, e.g., tank, healer, dps.

- You are able to "carry your own weight" in raids and prepare appropriately in- and outside of raids.
  • Of importance here are strategies, tactics as well as of course gear, consumables (food, flasks, pots, runes, etc.), repair money.

- You continuously strive to improve all of the above aspects, in- and outside of the raids.

- You reasonably understand written and spoken English to the point of being able to read boss tactics and understand verbal communication in raids.
  • We understand very well that English might not be your mother tongue, which is perfectly fine.

- You have a stable internet connection (e.g. a DC ones a day vs. a DC ones an hour).

- You fit in socially with your fellow guild-members-to-be.

The right mix of skill, effort, performance, reliability and attendance is key!

Previous raid experience is highly valued, though applications from all ranges of experience being fully considered.

We also aim for a helpful and friendly environment for all our members. This means we expect everyone in the guild to respect the guild rules and fellow guild members and being polite to one another.


Besides in-game communication we are using this very forum to communicate necessary and important information.

Our members are expected therefore to read the relevant information and to keep themselves up-to date.

During raids we are using Discord for voice communication.

Don't hesitate to contact any of the officers of PG in case you have questions regarding recruitment, your application or our guild in general, please.

Raid Progress

And last, but not least, a brief look into our "trophy case".

Thank you very much for your interest and we are looking forward to hearing from you! :D